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Need some refurbishment done in your office? Or perhaps new major appliance install in your flat? Do not hesitate, and call us – your trusty electricians for Harrow area! Furthermore, we quickly respond in case of emergency and expertly repair all kinds of electrical misfortunes.


Artificial light is so common nowadays it would be very hard to function without it – does not matter what you do, some light bulb probably helps you with it. If not, it is probably broken – in that instance, call us! We are open round the clock – you can not choose when the light goes down, but we can come at any time to turn it on again.


Plug and play, is what most of the appliances can be called nowadays, but what if plugging does not give the desired effects? If it is faulty cable or bad fuse, then there is no worry – our job is to take care of things like this. Making sure the overall installation falls within standards, is also part of our job – big or small, we can take care of everything!


In every household, major appliances play very important role in our daily lives. To make sure that they stay in play is our call – whether it means installing them properly, giving them a little grease or fixing in case of emergency, we are up to the task! Just call us, and leave your worries behind – we will take it from here.


Every new customer is presented with this onetime bonus – 10% off on our services. If you are interested in more permanent arrangement, contact us about 15% discount for longtime clients.


Emergencies rarely happen at the right time, that is why we are on standby all day, waiting for your call. Whether it is broken cable or fuse, we come within 60 minutes!


Making everything work just for a moment seems futile and unprofessional, that is why we take responsibility for our work. One year is our guarantee period.

Harrow area

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We are here for you, passing through your neighborhood many times a day.

We provide professional electrician services in your vicinity:

  • Wiring and lighting repair
  • Appliance repair
  • 24/7 emergency electrician
  • Testing and inspections

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